Leadership Training and Facilitation

Dr. Austin has worked with numerous companies, government agencies, associations, and non-profit organizations to help develop their leadership capabilities.  He works at all levels of the organization and is able to customize the experience to fit the work demands of the participants.  He will work with you to customize and design a program that will work seamlessly within your organization’s leadership development framework.

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Sample Training Program Overviews

Leading Change: Practical actions for driving change and innovation

Managers and leaders face the daunting task of designing and implementing organizational changes on a continual basis. Change is no longer just a temporary state but more of a constant in many organizations. Leaders need to be skilled at managing the full process of change, from initial insight and design, through implementation, and all the way to sustaining a change over time. While change initiatives may introduce new stressors into an organizational system they can also provide fertile ground for innovation. The leading change program provides practical advice to help leaders build momentum and reduce change resistance and unanticipated barriers. The session is interactive, high energy and designed to help participants manage mindset shifts, trigger innovative thinking, maintain change momentum, and effectively take control of a change process.

Solving the Right Problem and Making Better Decisions: How experienced decision makers excel

High quality decisions have always been essential for strong business performance. Yet with the increasing speed, complexity and data availability in today’s competitive environment, superior decision skills are more important than ever. This workshop will help participants improve their decision making skills by offering behavioral insights into how people actually think and make decisions. Participants are exposed to the advanced critical thinking skills and creative strategies needed to manage unfamiliar, highly complex problems or decisions that involve significant uncertainty. This workshop introduces strategies on how managers and executives can deal more effectively with ambiguous information, loosely structured problems, deep uncertainty, and complex tradeoffs. The focus is on critical thinking, breakthrough problem solving, learning and the effective use of groups.

Strategic Thinking: Shifting mindsets and building the strategic capability of your team

Seeing the same thing with a new set of eyes. Seeing opportunity where others see a barrier. Breaking out of conventional wisdom.  The ability to break a team out of predictable, often limiting, mindsets has become the core focus of strategic leadership training. Insight and innovation cannot occur until leaders are open to seeing their world differently. In this session, participants consider why it is so difficult to break out of dominant mindsets and how they can help their team recognize their limited frames. The workshop introduces a number of useful techniques to enable strategic thinking such as blindspot centering, HERE assessments, uncertainty vectoring, and TAP analysis.

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