Customized Leadership Development Programs

customized leadership development

Customized leadership development programs offer the advantage of linking development with the immediate priorities of your organization and doing it in a manner consistent with your organization’s culture.  Organizations of all sizes can benefit from a well designed leadership development program.  Whether you are designing a program from scratch or refreshing an established program, we can help your team deliver a memorable and transformative program to fit within any budget. We have experience working with university designed executive leadership programs and integrating them into lower level leadership programs to enable deeper translation of the concepts into practice.

Our advantages as a learning partner:

  • Global network of experts. We build our programs from the ground up and since we are not linked to a specific university or consultancy we can seek out and retain the best faculty and facilitators for our clients. We draw from the same pool of talent as the leading university providers but we are not constrained by institutional limits when selecting our faculty.
  • Low overhead. We are able to design programs to fit a range of budgets due to our lean structure.  In addition we can find the faculty to fit different program budgets.
  • Experience at all organizational levels. From your Executive Leadership Programs designed for your most senior leaders to your Emergent Leader Programs designed for your newer leaders, we can match the content to your needs and budgets.  Our flexible faculty bench and relationship with blended learning providers enables us to assist with those programs requiring multiple deliveries and scale.
  • Opportunities to link development with strategic initiatives. Our experience with applied learning, strategic planning, and managing execution enables us to build strong links between the program and the tactical and strategic priorities of your organization.
  • Flexible implementation to match your organization’s culture. Using a paired insider/outsider design approach, we focus on translating materials to fit the culture and style of your organization.

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