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For more on the work I am doing in 2017, see my personal website focused on strategic thinking and scenario planning

2016 News for Unquestioned Brilliance

See this 5-star review of Unquestioned Brilliance at Small Business Trends- Unquestioned Brilliance: Why Good Leaders Make Bad Fortunetellers

Finalist: 2016 Eric Hoffer Book Awards

Finalist: 4th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards

Bronze Medal Winner: 2016 Feathered Quill Book Awards

2016 Talks and Workshops

Detroit SHRM: Southfield, MI, March 15

The Elements of Strategic Thinking – Developing your Strategic Leaders

Read “The Five Actions of Strategic Leaders

HRA of the Alleghenies Conference: Johnstown, PA, April 13

Closing Session: The HR Professional as Change Leader

Institute for Management Studies

Critical Thinking: A Model for Achieving Superior Decisions

May 3, 2016 San Francisco | May 4, 2016 Los Angeles | May 10, 2016 Dallas-Ft. Worth | May 11, 2016 Houston | May 12, 2016 New Jersey | August 30, 2016 Amsterdam | August 31, 2016 Brussels | September 13, 2016 Denver | October 4, 2016 Chicago | October 5, 2016 Detroit | October 12, 2016 Atlanta | October 13, 2016 Cincinnati | October 19, 2016 Charlotte | October 20, 2016 Columbus |

Previous Updates

leading change-SHRM Foundation




Leading Effective Change: A Primer for the HR Professional

The report I wrote for SHRM Foundation has been released and is available for free download from the SHRM Foundation website.  This is a great free resource for HR professionals but also for others interested in guidelines for leading change.

Unquestioned Brilliance by John Austin

Unquestioned Brilliance: Navigating a Fundamental Leadership Trap

I am excited to announce that my new book, Unquestioned Brilliance: Navigating a Fundamental Leadership Trap, was published in the end of 2015. See a summary here.



Translating between academics and practitioners

It was a pleasure to be part of this conversation with Jean Bartunek and Sara Rynes published in the July 2014 Journal of Management

Bartunek, J. M., & Rynes, S. L. (2014). Academics and Practitioners Are Alike and Unlike: The paradoxes of academic–practitioner relationships. Journal of Management, 40(5), 1181-1201.

Journal of Organization Design article

See my article on the three key translation moments in the December 2013 issue of Journal of Organization Design.  This is an open access journal, meaning you can read the full version of the article.

Making knowledge actionable: Three key translation moments. Journal of Organization Design, 2(3): 29-37.

2015 Talks and Workshops

PCMA Convening Leaders Conference: Chicago, IL, January 12

PCMA Business School: Strategy Under Uncertainty

HR West: Oakland, CA, March 2

Change Management Capability: Understanding, Acting, Anchoring

PCMA Education Conference: Fort Lauderdale, FL, June 16

PCMA Business School: High Performing Teams

SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition: Las Vegas, NV, June 30

Translating Change into Sustainable Actions: Developing (and Becoming) Change Leaders

Institute for Management Studies

Critical Thinking: A Model for Achieving Superior Decisions

| June 9, 2015 Washington D.C. | October 6, 2015 Boston | October 21, 2015 Kansas City | October 22, 2015 Saint Louis  | November 10, 2015 Minneapolis-St. Paul |

NEHRA Annual Conference: Falmouth, MA, October 1

The HR Professional as Change Leader: Understanding, Acting, Anchoring

2014 Events

For all training sessions, contact me and I will be more than happy to direct you to the appropriate person.

SHRM 2014 Volunteer Leaders Summit: Washington, DC, Nov 22

SHRM 2014 Conference: Orlando, FL, June 25

MEGA SESSION The Six Elements of Strategic Thinking: A Common Framework for Developing Strategic Leaders

Institute for Management Studies

Critical Thinking: A Model for Avoiding Common Decision Biases

May 1, 2014 Detroit
May 12, 2014  London
May 13, 2014  Edinburgh
May 15, 2014  Brussels
May 16, 2014  Amsterdam
July 17, 2014  Pittsburgh
September 9, 2014  Philadelphia
September 23, 2014  Cleveland
October 2, 2014  New Jersey
October 21, 2014  Cincinnati
November 13, 2014  Toronto