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Unquestioned Brilliance: Navigating a Fundamental Leadership Trap

by John Austin, PhD

“Most leadership advice centers on a “rational” leader, the one who learns and applies leadership principles in a logical manner. This book openly challenges this assertion, but does so in a way designed to help leaders create strategic and lasting change.”

“[Dr. Austin] does a masterful job of telling stories and weaving in concepts, theories, and practical tools. I would recommend this book to leaders in all sectors.” -from review on Amazon (see all reviews)


Award winning book for developing leaders

Unquestioned Brilliance 2016 Book Award2016 Finalist


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Dr. Austin explains this leadership trap and outlines ten techniques to correct it. The trap of unquestioned brilliance can strike managers from freshly minted MBAs to experienced organizational executives.  All leaders and their teams can benefit from this tool kit of techniques, selected for their simplicity, flexibility, and empirical support, and tested through practical application.

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Leading Change Report

Leading Change for HR managersLeading Effective Change: A Primer for the HR Professional:  The SHRM Foundation recently released this report.  Though written for HR professionals, this report could be of interest for any person interested in change leadership.

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